Naked King, Censored

Naked King is a king that was naked. He will get away with it and will be 84 in the future. In the TV show, he is voiced by Microsoft Sam.


Naked King was a random king named Ron Abee Johnson. He wanted to drink beer, since Sprite tasted like coke. So he bought 12 bottles of wine and beer and dranked it. When the Queen saw the king, She tried to call 911, but the king knocked her down and peed on her. Then, he was naked. But as he was walking in public, he got arrested. But he escaped the next day.


Naked King is a new character in Cameron's World.

The Queen still lives. She was born in 1936.

Naked King was born in 1953.

It is said that the Naked King is friends with Millard.

The cartoon series will be on [adult swim] in 2020.

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